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Palm Springs/La Quinta

  We just got back from Palm Springs/La Quinta and I would love to give you the low down! We went to celebrate my brothers wedding. We stayed in La Quinta which is a smaller city outside of Palm Springs. Think golfing capital of the world! There are TONS of golf courses all around Palm …


Meet My Family

To me family is everything! I am lucky to not only have come from an amazing family, I married into another amazing family and my husband and I started our own beautiful family! Now… with that being said we both come from big Italian families! Think Big Fat Greek Wedding (Part 1 and 2)… pretty …



To all who come to my blog, welcome! As you probably already know, my name is Danielle Caruso. I am a thirty something mother of 3 beautiful babies, wife to my amazing husband Justin, follower of Jesus, daughter, sister and friend! I love to entertain, organize, cook, shop, decorate and most of all spend time …