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Busy Toddler Summer Activities

Busy is the word we use to describe my son. When I looked up the definition for “busy” I found it means… “having a great deal to do!” If that isn’t the truth I don’t know what is! My son is that and so much more…. he wakes up busy and falls asleep busy! I …

Kids Travel

Disney Tips

Yay! Disneyland is one of my VERY FAVORITE places! I have gone so many times that I couldn’t even count. It is still so magical to me and even more now that I get to see it through my kids eyes!! This part of my blog will be a work in progress forever, as I …


Uppababy Minu

To say that I love strollers is and understatement. I actually LOVE all things baby, I would keep having babies if I could get a new stroller and diaper bag! Each stroller has its own purpose right? I love my single and my double BOB Strollers. They are amazing, they push so easy and the …