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Hello 2019!

I just finished my second cup of coffee and I am ready to launch into what feel’s like the first “official” day of the new year. We are headed back to work, back into our schedules and I dedicated to making some small adjustments to my daily life to help achieve my goals! Scheduling everything …

Christmas Fashion

Family PJ’s

Family PJ’s are my very favorite tradition. When I was little, I could always count on getting brand new pjs for Christmas Eve and it really stuck with me! I carried on this tradition with my kids and they too love it! We have adjusted it a little bit and I think I like the …

Fall Fashion

Evereve- Fall Items

  Ok ladies, who has heard of Evereve? OH MY GOODNESS! It is like a mini Nordstrom boutique. It has great brands, fun prints and adorable shoes and accessories! I stopped in there a couple of weeks ago and found some amazing fall pieces. Black and white stripe are my GO TO! I am pretty sure I …