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Christmas Fall Holiday

Planning for the Season!

Week No. 1 of Holiday Series The first thing that we can do is sit down and think about what we want for the upcoming holiday season. Ask yourself these questions: What makes you happy during Thanksgiving/Christmas? Does it make you happy to host your family and friends? Do you like to ditch the holiday …

Christmas Food

Favorite Things Party

Cue the Jingle Bells… ahh just that sound gives me chills thinking of one of my favorite holiday shows, Oprah’s favorite things! That show has been gone for some time but I still tune into her website to see her infamous holiday favorites from year to year!! This year I decide to get some of …

Christmas Fashion

Family PJ’s

Family PJ’s are my very favorite tradition. When I was little, I could always count on getting brand new pjs for Christmas Eve and it really stuck with me! I carried on this tradition with my kids and they too love it! We have adjusted it a little bit and I think I like the …