I just got my first Pura device and I am super impressed! I am such a candle girl, but I will say the simplicity of keeping your home smelling nice and fresh with out having to light a candle (…or remembering to blow it out) is awesome. The device is so simple, it connects to your phone and you can adjust the setting to what you like. Here are some of the cool features:

  • Smell Intensity. I love that you can increase or decrease the intensity of your scent. There are some scents that I love full blast and some I can only take in small douses. This allows fo you to adjust that.
  • Auto Shut Off. You can set it to shut off when your cell phone leaves your home. This is a great way to save your cartridges and allow for them to last longer. Each cartridge lasts 350 hours/15 days!
  • Two Scents. You can put two scents in the device so you can switch between them!
  • Nightlights. You can use these little devices as a nightlight in your hallway, bedrooms or bathrooms also.
  • Auto Ship. If you know you love a specific scent, you can save by setting up an auto ship. You will always have the scents that you love delivered directly to your door step! You will save 30% when you choose this option!
  • Access at your fingertips. I love that the app is user friendly and allows for you to adjust everything you need at the click of a button! Take a look at the screen shop below.

Favorite Scents

So far I am loving the Capri Blue-Volcano and the Bamboo scent. The pumpkin is very strong, I prefer the fresh scents.

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Happy Shopping!

xo, Danielle