The amount of love and support I got from my post “When 2019 gave you lemons” was overwhelming! God is so good! I want to make sure that I clarify so things. Even tho you got some lemons in your life… God works everything out for good. Every lesson you encountered changes your life. So let’s make some lemonade with the lemons that we got in 2019!!

Happy New Year! 2020 wow… thats so crazy to say. I love January 1st, why? It is a fresh start and allows for you to re-focus yourself. Everyone around you is doing the same thing, which gives some additional motivation.

I also love the fact that, it feels like a blank page… that special unwritten chapter of our lives that we can work hard to direct. Don’t get me wrong, I know 100% we can’t control our lives… the moment we try to control the outcome, God will quickly surprise you. However, we can do things to help put ourselves back on track. I believe that is what most of us are trying to do when we set a new workout schedule, create our vision boards and try to pull ourselves out of the funk that we found ourselves in last week as we eat too many Christmas cookies and watched the 101st Hallmark movie of the season. SO GOOD!!

Let’s talk goals. I love goals!! One thing I am trying this year is picking my word of the year to focus on. This is new to me, I haven’t done this before but I love the idea. Narrowing in your focus is always a good thing.

My word of the year is:


Content by definition: in a state of peaceful happiness.

Funny story, this quote from the play Holiday Inn sticks out to me for the year.

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Guillaume Apollinaire

Ok, who else can raise their hand and say AMEN to that quote? I am ALWAYS in the pursuit of happiness, either in my life or creating happiness in our families life. It’s ok to be CONTENT and happy where you are at right now. It is my goal for 2020.

Tools to help you with this goal. Now this is a funny sentence. Content and a shopping list… humm… I promise, I will keep it minimal!

  • Podcast App. This one is amazing and totally free! Find some podcasts that will motivate you with your word of the year. If you aren’t following Rachel Hollis, do it! She is the queen of goal setting, purpose, vision and motivation!! She has episodes on journaling and vision boards to get you started.
  • Journal. You can use one you have at home for free or you can get these new journals from Rachel Hollis at Target. It preps you daily to write your daily list of 5 things you are grateful for, 10 dreams you made happen (she explains more of this in the journal) and the goal you will achieve first. Here is the one I picked up today!
  • Setting a schedule. Honestly, setting and staying on a schedule is huge for success. If you take the time to do it and follow it, you will crave it in your daily life. Schedule time for everything you need to hit your goals. Plan time for yourself (and yes, early in the morning before my kids wake up is the BEST time! It is worth giving up a little bit of sleep, I promise!)
  • Vision Board. We are making ours today for 2020 and I will share pictures. This is so easy to do and the visual reminder is so powerful to help remind you why you are doing what you are doing!! You choose the goal for a reason, right? Now remind yourself!

I am excited to grow in my life and with the people around me! Here is to 2020!!