Are you jumping for joy that the holiday season is upon us? Then keep on reading, you are my people!! You probably already drove through a Starbucks to see if they had holiday cups, switched into full Thanksgiving prep and Christmas planning mode. Then you may or may not have listened to your first Christmas Song on the radio!! Again, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!!

Ok so let’s talk all things November for a moment. I have always been a don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving dinner type of girl. Funny enough, I literally was pulling out my tree while my family was still enjoying the final bites of their thanksgiving dessert! They joked that I pulled the decorations off the table before they even swallowed!!

I do “prep” for Christmas prior to T-Day tho… I like to fully enjoy both of the holiday’s but in doing so I do have to plan, order, prep, etc. for everything Christmas so that when I finish my slice of yummy pumpkin pie, I can easily throw on my Christmas Pj’s, pull out the tree and start the Christmas movies ASAP!!

Here are the things that I am starting to prep for:


I shop at Costco and the grocery store like everyone else on Thanksgiving but these little gems add just a special touch to our dinner! William-Sonoma has great seasoning, brines and dessert starters!!


The great thing about a neutral table scape is the versatility! Invest in a couple good candle piece and then just switch up your accent pieces!

Holiday PJs

I may sound like a broken record about this, but this is probably one of my very favorite traditions and probably the only time I can get my husband to wear something like this!

Happy Prepping!!!