Three years have quickly come and gone and now our little baby boy is a toddler!! Busy as can be, always running, jumping, climbing and getting into mischief… having a boy is vastly different then the girls. But you know what? Having a little boy may have it’s fair share of challenges… but I love this little boy so much!!

When it came time to celebrate this little guy back in March (yes I know that we are talking about this in JUNE!! To be fair… I have been traveling like crazy since then!!) We knew that this adorable dino theme was perfect. Deacon has LOVED his dinosaurs recently and we have been playing with our little set every day now since Christmas!!

In the past we have done elaborate parties for our babies! I love to celebrate them and I have always loved to entertain, so big parties have always been our thing! Since we knew we were leaving in a couple days to California and Disneyland, this birthday was going to be a little smaller. Much to my surprise… he loved it and we actually got to spend some time with him… instead of entertaining like we normally do!!

I was able to grab the most adorable dino party supplies at Target!! (linked below). Everything was $5.00 and under! Such a great deal and was honestly adorable!! The most expensive part was our ginormous T-Rex… (Funny story about that… I had no idea it was that big, I ordered it and came back to pick it up. They walked this bad boy out there and I started cracking up!!)

ADORABLE Target Decor
Yes, we love dinosaurs and we love our pirate costume too! A day in the life of a 3 year old!!

I was lucky to find a local baker that had made these dino egg cake pops for her school the week prior to Deacon’s birthday. She was so kind to make them for me and boy they were so adorable in person and tasted amazing. If you live in the Denver area, Bethany Boo Cakes did such a great job!

Dino Egg Cake Pops. Delicious!!

Here is what I have learned: Sometimes the easiest parties are some of the best! Pairing these adorable decorations with some yummy cake pops, Whole Food Pizza and his family… we found the perfect combination for a busy toddlers 3rd birthday! When in doubt, pick their favorite thing and do it simple!!