Working out when you are busy with (blank… you can fill in the blanks) becomes impossible. Finding motivation to just get up and get going is a struggle. Mix in the “spring forward” and forget it! Pure exhaustion!

We all know that once we get on the work out bus, things get easier and the feeling of accomplishment mixed with our overall health improvement becomes our motivation to keep up with our new routine. The problem is getting there… what do we do to just take the first step?

  • Set a “minimum” goal. This sounds really funny but works for me! Doing the bare minimum is never a good thing in life, HOWEVER, doing a minimum work out when you don’t feel like you can actually fit one in is better than skipping that day all together! When life is crazy and I feel like I have a million things to do, I look at all the different areas of my day and think “What is the very minimum that I know I have to accomplish today?”. I list them all out and work through it that way. Include everything (home, family, work, etc.) so that you have a feeling of accomplishment that day. I require myself to MOVE in a work out attempt a minimum of 30 minutes a day and drink half of my body weight (in ounces) of water every day.

For me, if I tell myself… “No you don’t have time to work out in theory, however, you do have 30 minutes to make sure you are moving your body!” If you can’t make it to the gym, use the SWEAT app… look up free workouts on youtube… do lunges/abs and pick up some light weights to have a home for your workouts. And then keep a promise to yourself to make sure you do AT LEAST the minimum every day. I will leave you with this quote by one of my favorite authors, Rachel Hollis.

  • Find a “guilty” pleasure. For me sometimes it is The Bachelor or The Real Housewives of BH. I let myself watch this when I am really feeling like I don’t have it in me to step on to my peloton bike at home… that 30 minutes turns into a good 45 minutes in no time! If you are looking for motivation, dive into an audiobook OR a podcast! I have also seen great results when I know that I can look forward to one of these forms of entertainment.
  • The last one sounds silly, but let me tell you that this one works VERY WELL! Get yourself a new work outfit or three! When you look good, you feel good! You are more confident and you feel motivated! I own my fair share in workout clothes. Recently I have found Fabletics and let me tell you what… game changer! Their fit and feel is like Lululemon with a very reasonable price tag. They are running a 2 for $24 sale on their leggings. So you end up getting a pair of leggings for $12.00!! Such a steal! I was in need of a sports bras and I was pleasantly surprised that they fit so well and were really comfortable. Also, the colors offered and fit of their outfits are amazing! Worth every penny!! A couple of things that I have learned about Fabletics that I love: 1. You can become a member and get a new workout outfit every month. Talk about keeping up the motivation 🙂 2. If you are a member, you get VIP member pricing. This makes some of the tank tops and sports bras under 15.00! Leggings under 40 and sweatshirts under 25! 3. If you don’t want to keep the membership, no worries! You can cancel at any time or just skip that month. I have been very happy with everything that I have gotten for myself. I have also shopped for my fitness loving 13-year-old daughter. The clothes fit her really well (she is 5’1 and a 00– she wears the XXS). Again… lululemon for a fraction of the cost! Fabletics has incredible pieces OR click on an image below to shop some of my favorites!

Happy Shopping! If you find some motivation with one of my tips, let me know! I would love to hear what you think!