What a year… 2018 is officially in the books and I can’t help but look back and remember all the moments. In January- we visited Seattle for the first time. We loved it, seeing the first Starbucks and Nordstrom and watching Bella win her first Worlds bid
In February- Even for such a short month we did a lot! We started off with Novella’s 100th day of Kindergarten and also celebrated Valentines day. Made the most amazing Skinny Taste Bagels recipe (it is a must!) and Deacon got an adorable hair cute before taking a picture in “Lightning Mcqueen” (which would be known as a Red Tesla if you were an adult!) February is also NCA month, one of the biggest events in all star cheer… this month is all things cheer and the girls and I love every minute of it! Bella competed in their arena for their first time and placed 7th in that nation! WOOHOO! We ended the month visiting Waco, Texas to see the long anticipated Magnolia Farms. It was amazing!
In March- We celebrated TWO AMAZING years with my sweet Deacon bug! His celebrations started with his first trip to Disneyland (spent many hours in Cars land and loved every minute of it!!). Justin proposed at the Disneyland Castle, so we always take a picture in front of it every time we visit. We eat at the newport beach Crab Cooker for the last time before it gets rebuilt and even got some hot tube time in at my aunties house. We got to see my Granny and Auntie from Las Vegas and visited Laguna Beach (our home away from home). I love going back home to California!
In April- We celebrated Easter together and celebrated a couple of birthdays including Grandpa Jack! April included a couple of first for our family, Justin and I went on our first solo trip (no kids in attendance) for a weekend away in Playa Mujeres, Mexico! Then Bella competed at her FIRST EVER Worlds Championships in Walt Disney World, Florida. In all star cheerleading this is the pinnacle of cheer events!
In May- My brother Jake married his beautiful wife (my now sister in law) Lyndsey in La Quinta, California! We celebrated Novella graduating Kindergarten and Bella celebrating the end of her 7th grade year. We kicked off the beginning of summer with a great tan and a sold out arena jammin’ to T-Swift!
In June- We kicked off summer with our annual lemonade and dessert stand (with Novella as the cute little sign holder!). We eat dinner on our patio, visited the pool multiple times, made it to the zoo, celebrated a graduation and birthday party and found a new cute ice cream parlor in Denver. Justin and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary with the kids on a quick day trip to the mountains! We also celebrated what would be the last birthday with my dear sweet 90 year old Granny! Such a blessing to be all together with her and to have those memories in Las Vegas with all of our extended family. Deacon also had some fun riding around in a peddle car and of course taking a picture by any car we can find!
In July – We kicked off our our annual 4th of July BBQ. Then we got to celebrated a big 6 year old, Novella AND welcomed the teenage years with our now 13 year old Bella! We ended the month with Bella doing “goat yoga”!
In August- The birthday crew (Josh, Jake, my Dad and I) all celebrated our birthdays with our annual White Party. Plus the first day of school for our current 1st grader and 8th grader! Deacon got the hang of his strider bike and we visited the local peach festival.
In September- We had many ups and downs this month, we lost my sweet Granny. Dealing with that loss was very hard, however, being together with all of our extended family and sharing laughs and stories with them will never be forgotten. We got to stay in San Clemente with my entire immediate family (all under one roof for the first time since babies and marriages). We celebrated my sweet and loving Mama’s birthday, welcomed my dear friend Wendy into a new age bracket and ended it with a bang in Disneyland during their Halloween/Fall celebration! A big month filled with many many tears, some laughter but most importantly surrounded by our loved ones.
In October- Things settled down a bit and we adjusted back to normal life which in itself is a blessing! We ended with a wonderful Halloween trick or treating in my sisters “storybook” neighborhood! I also was accepted to be a part of the LIKEtoKNOW.it family
In November- We blinked and it was Thanksgiving… we had a wonderful time with the ones we love so much and recounted all of our blessing… oh and started watching Hallmark, had tea at the Brown Palace and decorated for Christmas!!
In December- The weather turned cooler and we enjoyed the little moments. We started off the month with a quick trip out of state cheer trip to Ohio for Bella and I, with an in state cheer competition for Sweet Nove Bug! As Christmas approached, more heartbreak was in store. My loving and special mother in law took a turn for the worse and unexpectedly passed away spending Christmas with Jesus. We are ending the month of December heartbroken. I think it is important to share the real complexity of life.  We attempted to move forward with the holiday traditions for our children, as that is what she would have wanted. Moments like these remind you how precious life is and how important it is to spend time together and LIVE the life that God has given you.
As we approach New Years, we plan to do just that. Spending time together with all of our loved ones, making memories and just being close! There are no words to accurately describe the season of life that we are in, but all we can do is to learn from those we love and appreciate every moment.