Back in 2015 I became an Erin Condren addict! I have always been a sucker for paper, pens and all things organization… so naturally a paper planner is my go to! Don’t get me wrong, I do use technology for things (especially things I need an actual reminder for) however, there is something about a paper planner that is decompressing for me. I love to sit down with a cup or coffee or tea and start getting my thoughts and plans on paper. Visually you can look at your day/week/month and see what you have going on. I would love to give you the low down on all things EC!

Year after year I have stayed with Erin Condren’s products. I have purchased her Lifeplanners (my all time favorite), personalized notepads (these are great quality especially if you like to take notes that you plan to keep for reference), clip boards (we use these for the kids, homework in the car and chores) and accessories including pens and stickers!

What sets Erin Condren apart? It is simple… quality and personalization! You can get paper calendars just about anywhere- Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, you name it… believe me I have tried them all!! I have always preferred the quality of the EC product over these generic planners. First, I love the coiled LIFEPLANNER. It is so easy to turn the pages, they are reinforced so no need to stress about pages getting torn out! This is HUGE if you are constantly referencing your planner, I can’t tell you how many times my kiddos (and myself!) have pulled a little too hard and the page gets torn out. Being the TYPE A person I am, I can’t stand when things are “falling apart” especially when it holds your life on the pages within! The coiled Lifeplanner features the following:

Two-Page Monthly Spreads per Month for
  • Three Weekly Layouts: Vertical, Horizontal or Hourly **I prefer the horizontal, but that is just my personal preference based on experience and daily needs!
  • Stylish Design Elements & Inspirational Quotes **I love the fact that they give you color options (I keep things neutral so I can add stickers and pen colors to make things POP!) Plus the quotes are a great bonus as you are flipping through.
  • Included Coiled-in Stickers! **This is a great bonus! EC stickers are ADORABLE! They make it easy to note an appointment, birthday or bill due!
  • Two-Page Goal Setting Spread **Setting Goals is a major focus for me so this is great to have it all in one place!

Personalization, this is becoming popular right now everywhere. People are personalizing their jeans, cups, bags, etc. Erin Condren has been personalizing for 13 plus years, so it is safe to say given their massive following, they are pretty darn good at it! Being a bit obsessed with different font designs, I love the style of typeface they use at EC. I especially love the use of lowercase letters, I think it adds a simplicity to the page that always seems to flow seamlessly.

Like I mentioned above, the other piece of personalization is the color choices and the layout options. After purchasing many of these, I have my fav’s down to a science. I love that they offer tons of cover options, from colors to neutral, floral to succulents and personalized photos… there is one for everyones preference. For me, this is where I choose to add color, something that pops when you look at it. Then, inside I choose their “neutral” color options. This allows the calendar itself to be simple and then my pen choice and stickers stand out well! Last, I have learned that I like to write a lot down on the daily view (or maybe I just have too much happening every day!) so the horizontal view works best for me! See below

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.
– Benjamin Franklin

Ok so where to start and how is this going to help me in the new year? First, if you have read my Being Intentional in 2019 post, it is a goal of mine (and any of my followers that want to join the journey with me) to be INTENTIONAL with my time! What is the best way to do this? Plan it out! If you do not set exact plans for your time… then time slips away very easily. Now, there is a time and place for no plans at all… however, the only way to achieve your goals is to be very intentional (there is that word again!) with what you plan to do daily in order to work towards that. I have tried APPS, wall calendars, lists, etc. and in my experience it is imperative that you have something that you

1. Have on you at all times. –and– 2. You actually enjoy sitting down with and planning in.

The EC products are just that for me! So jump on the organization train and order your Lifeplanner today! You will thank me the moment you get the beautifully packaged box and BONUS they are 20% off!!