Hello Mama’s! Parenting is such a crazy yet beautiful thing. I am frequently amazed at how much love you have for your little ones and just when you don’t think you can love someone more than your first born child, you have another beautiful child and your heart grows! Then with two amazing little ones, you decide to have another little blessing from the Lord and your heart grows even more! Each child, unique in personality, helps shape us mama’s to be the women that we are!

I have to say, since my first two children were girls, my take on parenting was very different then it is some two and half years after having my son. I think that even tho each child has different personalities… parenting a little boy verses parenting a little girl is VERY different! So I would like to talk to all the boy mama’s out there and the soon to be boy mama’s.

Top 5 things I have learned from my son Deacon.

1. The bond between a mother and son is so incredibly special. When they give you little kisses and cuddle you, your heart will literally melt! Cherish those moments. They tend to be few and far between, but they are so special. My mom always told me, your daughters will be with you always… they will call you often and at any age want to cuddle up next to you. However, your sons are a borrowed gift from God. They will steal your heart and then they will move on to be the husbands and fathers that you raised them to be and your role in their life will shift. Of course you will be proud, but you will also miss those crazy moments when they were so little that you pick them up and give them cuddles (oh and chase them around Costco as they run away from you.. you’ll miss that too!)


2. There is so much truth in the saying “Let them sleep, for when they wake they will move mountains.” My son is very busy, like most boys, he is trying to figure out a new way to create, play and of course get into trouble. We are on the move until our little eyelids shut for the night!


3. Remember you are raising little men, they will want to get dirty (not pose for pictures at times), throw rocks in the water… throw rocks at you! They will be ruff and tumble but that is OK! I was reminded by a good friend of mine that has three boys… these are God given instincts. Deacon is stronger, more energetic, a risk taker, has no fear… things that I recognize in my husband.  My husband is an amazing provider for our family- being an entrepreneur he is a huge risk taker… he is also quick to react (not letting emotions get involved) this helps him to make rational decisions verses my daughters and I that react mostly on emotions. Deacons instincts to react in “protection” if he feels someone is hurting him or threatening him is also a skill that will help him in life to protect his family. Parenting him (especially as his mother) has been enlightening. It is with second nature to want to teach him to be gentle and kind, to be nurturing like a women. Although I still believe these are important skills for him to learn regardless of gender, I do find his reaction to my parenting tactics interesting. His version of gentle is not my daughters version on gentle, his reaction to kindness and sharing is also very different from his sisters approach. Different is not bad, it is actually the contrary … it is enlightening to see how he learns and his natural reaction. Mama’s- don’t be afraid of this, embrace it. It will teach you to let go a little bit!

4. Communication (although he tries) has never been Deacons strong suite! After research and talking with other mothers out there, I have learned that boys just don’t talk as early as girls and in true fashion, he would rather be running around then talking to you about it! Don’t stress … he just started spouting out sentences recently and he is 2.5! They will talk when they are ready and if it is delayed, THAT IS OK! To be honest, I think that in raising a little boy you also understand your husband better! It is amazing how many behaviors traits are identical between my son and my husband. Not to mention they both so handsome! Oh and Deacon is a true Italian at heart, not only does he speak LOUD but he has all the hand gestures that go along with it!


5. Let go of the small things, don’t worry about the mess… don’t worry about if their clothes look perfect… don’t worry about if your son is crazy in public… honestly you have to let go and let GOD. My son has taught me to expand my patients and give grace. He has expanded my heart in a way that I can’t explain, but he has also taught us all to grow! I love him for that. His vest for life and adventure is unmatched and when there is a tender moment in the midst of the crazy… ahhh it so precious!


I love you my son, I am so blessed to be your mommy!