Family PJ’s

Family PJ’s are my very favorite tradition. When I was little, I could always count on getting brand new pjs for Christmas Eve and it really stuck with me! I carried on this tradition with my kids and they too love it! We have adjusted it a little bit and I think I like the spin we gave it. So, instead of getting these adorable Christmas themed pj’s on the day before the holiday was over… we switched it up to and now we open them on Thanksgiving! It is a perfect way to switch out of our nice clothes and into our stretchy comfy pants (when it is needed the most!) and watch the first Christmas movie of the season!!

Last year we did matching PJ’s for the full family and it was amazing!!  We always match the little girls and the little boys, but this year ALL family members wore the same print and we love it 🙂 It was such a great mix up and we will be doing this from here on out!

Burt’s Bee’s Baby- Family PJs

A couple snaps from a very comfy but very full family after Thanksgiving last year…

NEW This year Burt Bee’s has a Jumpbee (Also one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2018!) It is available baby-adult and everyone would be comfy in their zip up/jump in style pjs! Currently they are 20% off with promo code OPRAH