You all know I love Disney… like really really LOVE Disney! We go at least twice a year and we have all of our favorite rides, our favorite food items, shops, etc. It is always very well mapped out and anxiously awaited trip! This year was different, we didn’t plan on going to California in the fall time, the kids are just getting into the groove of school and we are headed into a busy time with their sports and work. The kids and I had been begging my husband to one year just take us so we could see the giant pumpkin Mickey when you walk in and taste the pumpkin spice churros!

As luck would have it, we ended up in California for a long weekend and made it for a very quick day trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! We were blessed to be there with our entire immediate family and celebrate my beautiful mother, sister in law and best friends birthday (all have birthdays the same weekend). Lucky for us, a Monday in September, was relatively slow for Disneyland and we breezed onto most of the rides that we wanted to get on. We got the pictures that I had been dreaming about and even had the mouth watering pumpkin spice churros and pumpkin spiced beignets.

There was something so magical about being there for the fall festivities… the decor, the food and the cooler weather made for an amazing trip! Disney does an INCREDIBLE job brining out new and fun items for each of the holidays, and Halloween hit a home run.


A couple MUST HAVES during halloween time:

FOOD GALORE! Holy cow, did Disney pull out all of the stops!! They had pumpkin EVERYTHING… and for a pumpkin obsessed girl like me, this was heaven. Since we were only there for a short day trip, we didn’t get to try everything. The couple things we tried were so good. Pumpkin Spice Churros and Beignets were out of this world. I also grabbed a Pumpkin/Octoberfest beer in California Adventure and that was delicious as well. Take a look at Disney’s complete list of fall foods and beverages added for the Halloween time. It really is amazing what they add… especially the multiple churros flavors and mashups they created!

PHOTO OPS! Make sure you get your Disney Max Pass so you can take advantage of all the amazing photo ops and camera peeps around the park. We got some GREAT pictures in front of the Giant Mickey Pumpkin. They make my heart so happy when we look at them. Also, some of the main characters always hang out in the entrance of the park and they are dressed up for Halloween too!



RIDES! Get on the halloween themed rides first! These lines are the ones that got longer through the day and the Haunted Mansion taken over by Nightmare before Christmas was AMAZING! Every square inch of that ride was redone and the ride will just make you smile!!

MERCH! I will say, the only thing that I was disappointed in from the park… merchandise. Besides the out of this world treats, the actual holiday merchandise was not great. That is ok tho, in a world were Etsy has these amazingly talented individuals, plan ahead of time! We got these adorable Trick or Treat Down Main Street shirts made up and hit the park running.

SEPTEMBER! I will say that from everyone we spoke to, September is WAY better then October to attend. September has less crowds and cheaper park hopper tickets. We were able to attend on a Value day- costing $159/per ticket including hopper and max pass.

We feel so blessed to of had the time together with our family and our friends. It was such a great day! If you have the chance to make it out to Disneyland during their Halloween celebrations, do it! It is well worth it.