Fall makes my heart so happy and I know that my girlfriends are all feeling the same way! Who else likes to grab a warm Starbucks (even tho it is still 90 degrees here in Colorado) and walk the aisle of Hobby Lobby! I am also counting down the days until all of the stores have pumpkins galore!!

I have spent my Labor Day weekend getting in the mood…starting with my first three go to’s for fall! 

  • Let me just say one word…Leaves. This Bath and Body Works candle is FALL all wrapped into a small 3 wick candle. I get so excited to smell this candle all through my house and I have STOCKED UP! This weekend Bath and Body works is doing 12.95 3-wicks and 20% off (needless to say we have more than enough now!)
  • Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin! I save this special ingredient for the fall and I have decided that September 1st can launch pumpkin recipes in my household! We have tried a couple new recipes and I am happy to say that I will be posting those this week! I am trying the Overnight Pumpkin Pie Oats from Clean Simple Eats fall meal plan in the morning!
  • Pottery Barn Vase with Leaves… this vase stays filled with my fall leaves in the basement until September 1. It makes its way onto my kitchen island and I love this centerpiece. I have the Marlowe Pitcher and the Faux Maple Leaves. PB is also running a sale with up to 30% off Promo Code: SAVEMORE

I am excited to do a full fall post but couldn’t wait to get my first go to’s out as soon as possible!