Back to School- Bento Style Lunch

My girls LOVE options in their lunch! Here are a couple of “bento” inspired lunch ideas.

Nutella and Banana Roll Up

1- Whole Grain Flat Out wraps.
2 Tbsp. Nutella
1 Banana
*Perfect to cut into bite size piece, like sushi!
Pairs well with chopped up strawberries and cucumbers

Sweet Roll Ham Sandwitch

1- Original Hawaiian Sweet Roll
2 slices of Deli Ham
*Add Cheese and Condiments based on your child’s preference
Pairs well with pineapple and baby carrots with ranch dip

Breakfast for Lunch

1- mini bagel with cream cheese
1- boiled egg -or- Vanilla Yogurt
Berries Salad
Pairs well with some Love Crunch granola

Mini Caprese

Cherry Tomatoes
Pearl Size Mozzarella Balls
Balsamic Drizzle for Dipping
Pairs well mini Pita Bread and a fruit of choice

Mini Charcuterie

Organic Turkey Pepperoni Slices
Slices of Mild Cheese like Gouda or White Cheddar -or-
String Cheese
Cherry Tomatoes

Some other fun ideas…

  • Melons and Cucumbers cut into fun shapes
  • Make mini kabobs with mozzarella balls, meat and tomato
  • Dipping sauces make a normal lunch fun
  • Pickles and Olives are some of kiddos favorite lunch time snacks, not sure if you kids like them? Try it out!
  • Kids have a hard time eating sandwiches? Cut them bite size. When lunch is quick, kids tend to eat the “easy” items!

Happy Lunch Planning!

xo, Danielle