Ok, so I can’t believe that a week ago we were walking our two girls into 1st grade and 8th grade! Like every other mother on the first day of school, I was crying behind my sunglasses and wishing time could freeze! I so badly want to hold my babies tight and keep them with me, however, I am reminded that letting them go and letting them learn and experience new things is loving them the best I can as their mother!

Summer Fun and Prepping to go “Back to School”

We love to get ready in a fun way! We have fun trying on new outfits and planning what they will wear their first week 🙂

Back to School Outfit Must haves

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 2.02.47 PM.png

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NAILS! Who doesn’t love a fresh mani and pedi? We love to get out nails done and we always do that the day before school starts. Bella is very traditional, she will got with our signature pink or white 🙂 Novella is very artsy and will go with a fun design like one of these. Our nail artists is incredible 🙂

Nail Art for Back to School

GROCERY RUN! There are some lunch and breakfast things that we save for back to school. Today we did our Costco run and Target run was yesterday. Organizing it all and getting our food plans together.

Bento Box Style Lunch

BAKING DAY! I love having homemade breakfast for the kids, however, it is not possible to do that every morning. Before back to school we love to make some items that can be stored in the fridge or freezer, for a quick morning heat up! Here is what we are cooking…

Egg Muffins and Kodiak Cakes Pancake Mini Muffins (coming soon!)

SIGNS READY! It is a tradition to take our first day picture in front of our front door with a sign that states what grade they are going into. I try to have this sign ready prior to the morning of. Less stress that day the better!

Etsy Printable Signs OR Chalk Board and Chalk Pens

Back to School Night… we still like to keep with the “apple” for a teacher tradition. We always visit Bath and Body works to get an Apple candle or a hand sanitizer to bring in with us as a gift to the teacher. We try to take our teacher picture on this night 🙂

Bath and Body Works

Last… but not least in my girls eyes… the first day of school treat! We do treat Wednesday every week but the first day of school treat has to be the best, right?

I am posting this separately. Back to school time and peach season go hand in hand! Get excited for something “peachy”!

Mama’s Peach Cobbler

Happy shopping and enjoy the moments! They go by too quickly!

xo, Danielle