Wow that was a very busy summer and time quickly got away from us all. From chasing my kiddos around, to trips with family and our sports schedules… our summer was FULL! I plan to post about some of things we did and loved, but first… lets talk ROUTINES!  

A routine, at least for me, is something that I crave! It is like you get to start fresh and hit a reboot button when the kids go back to school! I love it and honestly I need it come mid August! Don’t get me wrong I love summer and the fact that we can wake up and stay in our PJ’s until noon… then go to sleep when ever we feel like it.  However, come August… we start to get so far away from our normal schedules, that all I want to do is get back on it! I have been doing some research on schedules and routines and I plan to use what I know and add in a couple new ideas this school year! 

Here are my top 5 things for rebooting your schedule and organizing your life!

  1. Get your planner back up to speed! I love old school paper calendars. They make me so happy and they are a nice way to regroup your life when you feel like you have a million things happening. Some of my very favorites are the Erin Condren and The Happy Planner. These two are great!This is the one I am currently using and I got it at Hobby Lobby! They also have them at Staples and Michael’s to name a few.

  2. Get Organized! It is amazing what an organized house, office, car, etc. does for your life! Spend a day or a weekend if you can, and declutter, take inventory, purge and organize your life! I plan to do a full series on this in the fall but here are a couple of tips to get you going:
    1. Make a LIST of all the areas that you need to organize. Think closets, cabinets, shelves, pantry, garage, basements, car, purse… you name it, it needs to be on your list. Try break it into two lists: 1 hour jobs and multi hour jobs. For example, if you need to go through your purse and your lap top bag– 1 hour and your favorite beverage can do the trick! If you need to do your pantry or your closet and you haven’t done it for a while, that is going to take you more than an hour. Next– start working your way through the list. You will feel accomplished and you will start to de-stress your life!
    2. Try to THIN out what you have. Do you really need 10 bottles of glue? Probably not, however, your child’s teacher or a local school would probably love the donation. Same with your pantry, if you have a ton of one item and you know you will not use it in time, donate it!
    3. INVENTORY is KEY! Know what you have first! This is true with all things but it will also help save you money!
    4. Start to USE what you have. This is so broad, however, I try to read books I forgot about, cook the food from our freezer, wear the clothes that still have tags on it, etc.
  3. Make your “go to” list for favorite recipes. Who always asks themselves what to make for dinner? This will help! Rack your brain and write them all down and then gather a couple new ones. Put them on recipe cards and then plan your shopping list from there!
  4. Figure out what each person in your life needs for the day/week… including yourself! For example- I know that my kids are in schools from 7:30-2:30 and they need time for homework, time for a snack, time for a bath, time for their sports and dinner. Start to block their day out for that they need. Same with you and your spouse/significant other. Work hours, “me time”, development, food, etc. Then start to add them all together! Once you know what you each need it is easier to create a weekly routine.
  5. PREP your week! This is very simple, take a day that you have open time (for me it is the weekends) and prep your week. Complete your laundry and lay clothes out for the week, grocery shop and write out all of your menu’s, if your recipe allows for you to pre cut/chop up ingredients… do it! Whatever will create a smoother week.


Hopefully these 5 easy tips help you! I know that when I take the time to do this, it makes for a smoother and happier week 🙂





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