Meet My Family

15267605_10157897258995512_7266687961469289673_nTo me family is everything! I am lucky to not only have come from an amazing family, I married into another amazing family and my husband and I started our own beautiful family! Now… with that being said we both come from big Italian families! Think Big Fat Greek Wedding (Part 1 and 2)… pretty much the same thing!! We have other things in our blood (I am also French and German and my husband is also Norwegian among some other things) however, when you are from a large and loud Italian that is pretty much all that you claim 🙂 Our family get togethers are always VERY LARGE and VERY LOUD! What can I say… we love to get together and eat. One of my very favorite weekly tradition is Sunday Dinner. We do it every Sunday and I love it! This has been such a fun thing for my kids as well, they look forward to it all week. My husband and I love to cook so between the two of us we are always preparing a different meal for our families to enjoy. We spend many nights in watching Food Network getting ideas/inspiration for our weekend recipes. (If you are interested in some of our menu/recipe ideas visit my food tab)

Ok, now on to meet the fam! I could go on for DAYS listing all of our family and friends that have become like family… so we will just keep it simple 🙂 Both my husband and I are from a family of 5. I have 2 brothers and he has 2 sisters! And surprise… we are also a family of 5 with 2 beautiful daughters (Bella, 12 and Novella, 5)and 1 handsome yet crazy son (Deacon, 2)! Pretty much 90% of what you see on my blog is inspired by or for my family… the other 10% is because of my family (I have to shop for myself as a form of therapy!!)

I have MANY more stories and adventures to share! Enjoy 🙂